Z-Tweet Templates

Download Templates for Z-Tweets, add your own text from Sunday's Message. 

Invite Cards

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Check Out These Text Templates

Feel free to Copy and Paste the below messages and send to your contacts.  Remember, someone is waiting for you to invite them to church!

Messages to Family

Hey Family, I just wanted to invite all you to my church, it has most definitely impacted my life. You are more than welcome to come with me, just let me know if you want to come. Meanwhile, visit our website at wwwthisiszion.org or download our mobile app, https://subsplash.com/thisiszion/app

Social Invite: Get Likes and Follows

Hello everyone, if you love me then do me a favor. I'm asking you to like and follow my church on instagram @thisiszcm and on facebook @zionchristianministries

Mass Message to Contacts

Hello Everyone, I'm messaging everyone to invite you all to Zion Christian Ministries this Sunday! This place has been life changing for me and I'm sure it will be for you also. Visit www.thisiszion.org or download the mobile  https://subsplash.com/thisiszion/app

Media/ Sermon Blasts

Hey, I wanted to invite you to the church I attend. Here is a list of sermons. I hope you enjoy! If you want to come with me Sunday, lets set it up! http://www.thisiszion.org/media