Being a Leader at Zion Christian Ministries

Leadership at Zion Christian Ministries is central to the operative mission of our church.

At Zion, we believe leadership is the apex of the discipleship process. Nothing teaches you the heart of God toward his people like becoming the kind of leader that Jesus was to his disciples.  At Zion, it is the heart of our founder and lead pastor, Bishop Christopher A. Johnson, Sr. for us to be Transformative Servant-Leaders. We serve God's people with the kind of heart that seeks to transform lives and serve others' needs. Bishop Chris exemplifies and teaches the 3T leadership model from his book, The Three T's of Ministry. Every leader who serves at The Z is taught, trained, and trusted to duplicate these healthy leadership models. 

Leadership Orientation

Once an individual desires to walk in leadership at Zion, they must register for our Leadership Orientation. This is a 4-hour  workshop conducted by Bishop Christopher A. Johnson, Sr. which introduces each leader to leadership models, culture, and resources at Zion Christian Ministries.

Leader Labs

Leader Labs are quarterly leadership trainings by Bishop Christoper A. Johnson, Sr.  for Tier 1 and Tier 2 leaders of Zion Christian Ministries. Leader Labs are designed to teach leadership principles, techniques, and culture to our leaders.

The Z-Academy

The Z-Academy is an all-inclusive, once-a-year intensive session, that takes place every December. In this two-day meeting, Tiers 1-3 meet to connect, collaborate,  and communicate any updates, changes, and plans for upcoming year.

The Z-Experience Retreat

The one word you will hear at Zion (probably more than any other) is CULTURE. We believe everyone who comes to Zion should walk away with an experience that touches the heart of Jesus Christ but also gives them a touch from Him. Because of this, we have designed the "Z Experience Retreat" to take our Tiers 1-3 Leadership away from the normalcy of life and spend three days together cultivating our Experiences!

Training is Ongoing...

Training is one thing that never ends. Every week, every month, and every year we are faced with new challenges, people, and opportunities. As leaders, we must constantly learn how to navigate these changes with the heart of Christ. At Zion, if leaders serve with the right heart, there will always be continued development at all servitude levels. To aid with this and remain consistent, Zion has an online training portal where all previous trainings are archived. Our leaders are encouraged to login to the training portal for a refresh on these trainings at anytime. 

Enjoy this clip from the Z Experience Retreat 2022...