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Zion Christian Ministries 

Being a member of Zion Christian Ministries is not limited to local residents  only. We are a world-wide ministry.  Membership with Zion means that you are committed to this local body of believers through giving, connection, and  fellowship. Bishop Christopher A. Johnson Sr. will be your pastor and Zion Christian Ministries will be your church home. 

When You Join Zion Christian Ministries Online

GENERATION Z: The Online Community

Welcome Team

Our online pastor or someone from the online team will greet you and welcome you to the Zion Christian Ministries family and will be your point of contact while you are connecting to our community. 

Member Database

You will be added to Zion's Membership database just like any other new member that joins in person. This gives you the ability to receive updates, emails, notifications, and options to purchase Zion merchandise like other members.

Generation Z Online Community

Although we are aware that there is a generation identified as Generation Z, for Zion this is the name of our online community. A generation can be defined as a group with identical or similar culture. At Zion, we have a very unique culture across our community both physically and online.

Pathway to Purpose

Pathway to Purpose is in step 4 of our discipleship process. P2P is offered online as well, and upon completion, Generation Z is able to get involved at Zion Christian Ministries and be placed on a team.

Six-Step Process of Your Discipleship

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