Why Zion Christian Ministries?

Here is what people are saying about why they attend Zion Christian Ministries!

Why Zion?


La'Mae Cleve - June 16th, 2020 at 9:16pm

Zion changed my life. Before Zion, I was broken. You heard my story. I was a victim of church hurt, people hurt & life hurt. I wasn't any good for myself or anyone else. All I wanted to do was die. I literally was living in the Valley of Dry Bones. I didn't realize until I came to Zion what people meant when they said "I looked my hands and they looked new...I looked at my feet and they did too." Before Zion, I was mentally, physically and spiritually broken and I didn't have the blood of Jesus flowing through me. My blood was tainted and it left me feeling dead and looking pale. With my physical eye I couldn't see the damage it was causing me. It wasn't until I came to Zion and began to learn God's way when I started to see myself as God saw me and with my Spiritual eye I began to see how God was transforming me. He had admitted to His Holy Ghost Dialysis Clinic where He pumped out that tainted blood and replaced it with His blood. Then I began to look at my skin and I was receiving my color (life) back. To the untrained eyes I looked the same. But now, I was filled with the blood that reaches to the lowest valley, and it flowed to the highest mountain. This blood could & would never lose its power. I was able to look at my pale hands and feet and saw & felt the life God was giving me back. I got up & moved out of the Valley of Dry Bones and moved to the Land of the Living. I'm a witness to the Potters Clay. I was one of them that slide off the wheel and God had to start over with me, so I could walk in His Will. God knew how much I needed Zion and the people of Zion. People may not understand my praise or my dance and I'm good with that because i will never stop praising God. I will never stop thanking God for sending me to Zion. That's why I go hard for Zion because Zion goes hard for me! I LOVE MY CHURCH!

Gabby Floyd - June 16th, 2020 at 9:37pm

Where do I begin.... Zion is my place of Worship because I can truly say it is more than a church to come too every week Zion is my family! If you feel like you are alone this church will definitely give you welcoming arms and hugs! Zion has changed me in so many ways. I was the shy, didn't talk to anyone I would come and leave now I have stepped out of my comfort zone being at Zion for 5 years I am now leading our Singles Ministry. I have became Closer to God! When I first came to Zion I didn’t read my Bible I didn’t pray as much I was just going with the flow of life. As I have been at Zion my faith has been stretched my prayer life has changed. I am truly thankful to be apart of this wonderful ministry that’s is forever growing! Bishop And Lady T are the best!!! #NOPLACELIKETHEZ #ILOVEMYCHURCH